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Many of you have been asking for more detailed information about the dangers of commercially manufactured bath, body, and beauty products. Instead of writing a novel of my own, I thought it might be helpful to post some links to a few excellent articles and books that are very informative and helped educate me when sweetcream began.

Please check these out!,,9780143172505,00.html

Another invaluable resource is the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database (, where you can search your products by brand and get a toxicity rating to help you decide if you feel comfortable continuing to use that product. The Database uses a rating system of 0-10, with products ranking 0-2 considered very safe, 3-5 being cautioned, and 6-10 being toxic and dangerous. I am so proud to tell you that EVERY sweetcream product ranked a zero or one! Infact, the only product that received a one was our soap, due to the sodium hydroxide used in the saponification process (sodium hydroxide is added to a natural oil in order to make soap. You cannot make soap without it, and most soaps in the database average a 5-6!) We are in the process of having sweetcream products added to the database so that you can search them for yourself. PLEASE use this database as a guide to help you make better decisions for yourself and your family.


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  1. Krista says:

    Thanks, I’m checking out the Cosmetic database!

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