baby bundle

baby bundle

Gentle foaming baby wash gets your little one clean while our baby balm keeps that sweet skin healthy and soft. Comes with one foaming baby wash and one baby balm. Our little bundle for your little bundle!


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  • what makes sweetcream different?

    ~ sweet to your skin ~ sweet to your health ~ sweet to the planet ~ sweetcream…
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  • here's what people are saying!

    I LOVE your products! My son, who has autism, is very sensitive to scents. But when I use Sweetcream, he loves the smell and always wants to use some. Thank you for developing such a safe and guilt free line of products. And they do what they promise!
    ~Elise Z., Unionville, ON

  • lisa speaks...

    SweetCream’s Baby Balm helps with baby eczema

    It’s so rewarding to hear stories like these! “My daughter had a severe case of baby eczema….
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