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Smooth and creamy, our lip balm is a top seller! Raw, organic cocoa butter covers your lips in vitamins a and e, and provides rich emollients to keep them soft and healthy.  100% natural, 100% organic!

(please note, our lip balms are vegetarian, but not vegan, due to the use of organic beeswax. all other products are vegan.)

ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic sweet almond oil, organic beeswax, organic essential oils and/or organic extracts, stevia (herbal sweetener)

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  • what makes sweetcream different?

    ~ sweet to your skin ~ sweet to your health ~ sweet to the planet ~ sweetcream…
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  • here's what people are saying!

    My daughter had a severe case of baby eczema. Her pediatrician prescribed us four different cortisone creams, which did not alleviate the redness or rash at all. I was at the end of my rope; I did not feel comfortable putting prescribed steroids on my daughter’s sensitive skin. I started to research all natural products and decided to try Sweetcream’s Organic Baby Balm. Her skin cleared up within a week of using this product. I would recommend Sweetcream’s products to anyone!
    ~Alyshia, Markham, Ontario

  • lisa speaks...

    SweetCream’s Baby Balm helps with baby eczema

    It’s so rewarding to hear stories like these! “My daughter had a severe case of baby eczema….
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