why sweetcream

~ sweet to your skin ~ sweet to your health ~ sweet to the planet ~

sweetcream organic skin care products are sweet to your skin. Hand made with care, sweetcream uses only the finest pure, organic and natural ingredients for the highest possible quality. The organic shea butter in our body balm delivers rich, deep moisture to dry and tired skin. Organic rosehip and macerated carrot oils infuse our anti-aging eye serum with valuable antioxidants and rich emollients.  Organic castile soap provides gentle cleansing for all skin types. Visit the products page to learn more!

sweetcream bath and body products are sweet to your health. Did you know that commercially produced bath and body care products contain ingredients and compounds known to cause organ toxicity, neurotoxicity, hormonal imbalance, immunotoxicity, and even cancer? sweetcream is hypo-allergenic and free from parabens, pthalates, sulfates (SLS), synthetic fragrances, and toxic chemicals. See “lisa speaks” for more information on the dangerous ingredients found in almost all commercially produced personal care products.

sweetcream organic products are sweet to the planet. Our products are vegan/vegetarian, biodegradable and eco-friendly. We never test on animals or use animal-based products. sweetcream organic uses a variety of safe, non-toxic packaging, including glass, metal, paper, and BPA-free plastic, based on what best suits each individual product. All of our packaging is recyclable and reusable.

sweetcream proudly practices fair trade when purchasing organic ingredients from developing nations.

here's what people are saying

My daughter had a severe case of baby eczema. Her pediatrician prescribed us four different cortisone creams, which did not alleviate the redness or rash at all. I was at the end of my rope; I did not feel comfortable putting prescribed steroids on my daughter’s sensitive skin. I started to research all natural products and decided to try Sweetcream’s Organic Baby Balm. Her skin cleared up within a week of using this product. I would recommend Sweetcream’s products to anyone!

Alyshia, Markham, Ontario